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It’s the week that the word seems to pop up everywhere! It’s all over the card aisles, the candy section, and the flower shop. Everything seems focused on LOVE. The Valentine’s Day celebration of love will happen in so many ways: from candy shared between school children to special dinners and dates celebrating years of affection.


Hiking through the woods has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I come by it naturally as both of my parents are nature lovers and I spent many a Saturday exploring the trails around Arkansas as a kid.


You never know what God will use to teach you something powerful. For me, the lesson came in trying to buy a home security system. Our family had been considering one for a while, and when the “Black Friday” sales started popping up all over our phones, we decided to take the plunge.


The other night, our small group was sitting in a living room when my friend Brad shared something really insightful. He told our little community that he has recently been discovering again how gratitude leads us to God’s presence.


I want to climb a mountain. I don’t know where the idea came from, but it’s there. This nudging in a deep recess of my mind that is calling me to climb. This summer I’m planning a trip that involves an opportunity to climb. It’s not Everest or even Mt.


This morning I was supposed to get on a flight to Florida.  The conference I was scheduled to attend wisely cancelled as Florida residents and others along the east coast are bracing for the fury of now category 5 Hurricane Dorian. It's hard to even imagine the size and prowess of a storm like Dorian.


As I hugged her goodbye I reminded myself not to cry until after I left the apartment. In that moment it didn’t matter how mature and capable I knew she was, all I could think about was how many miles were between her apartment in Manhattan and my house in Arkansas (1,304 if you were wondering).


Just the words would bring fear or exhilaration into the hearts of 10 year-old's all over our city.   Our pool had once been host to the Junior Olympics, so not only did it come equipped with the low and high springboards, there also stood a gigantic concrete invitation to test your nerves on 3 massive platforms.


I know waiting is hard.  Hang in there, and today I’m praying He will give you all the courage you need for another day, another hour, even another minute! Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD. Psalm 27:14.


I'm not very good at asking for help. Okay, fine, I'm the worst at asking for help. I come by it naturally, my family was filled with strong women who were fully capable of doing it on their own, whatever it was. Just the thought of asking for help makes me nervous.