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It's another "What We Learned Friday" on the Drive-Home! There were several things Kara and I discovered this week, but none was more important to me than learning that Episode XIII of Star Wars will be titled "The Last Jedi." I'm a bit of a Star Wars fanatic, to the point where I may have made a slightly embarrassing noise when Kara revealed the news. If you missed it, you can hear Kara's recap of the situation below.

Here's a few other things we learned this week!

T-Rex "First Look" – It's no secret that Kara is a big fan of the inflatable T-Rex costumes that seem to be everywhere now. And there's already lots of debate about the so-called "first look" and whether you should stage one before the ceremony, not see each other until you're at the alter, or just not worry about the idea at all. Kara has decided that if she gets married, she's totally stealing this idea of combining the two. 

Store Navigation – Some people have a very specific plan in mind when they enter the grocery store. For example, my wife always works from back to front, snaking her way through each aisle for maximum efficiency. Kara, meanwhile, takes a trip through the blanket, pillow, or fabric section (really anything soft or fluffly will do!) in between every item on her list. I literally have one goal in mind: get in and out as quickly as possible. One listener who called in suggested playing the Mission Impossible theme song in your head to add to the sense of urgency. Totally doing that next time I go shopping.

Afternoon? Evening? Eveternoon?! – The Drive-Home starts at 3:30pm and goes until 7:00pm. It seems clear to me that 3:30pm is in the afternoon, while 7:00pm is in the evening. But where is the line? When do you cross from one into the other? Kara and I are constantly struggling with this dilemma. The internet says that the differentiation between the two is largely "lifestyle driven." What does that even mean? Not helpful, internet!