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It's "What We Learned Friday" here at the Drive-Home, an aptly-named tradition wherein we review all the things we've learned on the show this week! 

You'd think that if you took two good things and combined them, you'd end up with an even better thing. It's a good theory, but it doesn't always work out that way. Case in point: KFC has apparently released a new sunscreen to keep you from getting fried, but there's a catch. It smells like fried chicken.

Sunscreen is good. Fried chicken is good. But fried chicken sunscreen? Click play below for our thoughts on the subject.

Here's a few more things we learned on the show this week...

Matching Luggage – Ever found yourself at the airport baggage claim trying to find your suitcase, but it turns out every single person ever has a black suitcase exactly like yours! That's why many people recommend tying a bright ribbon around the handle, or even better yet, getting colored luggage instead. Like what about a bright red suitcase? Sounds like a good idea, unless you're a member of Great Britain's Olympic team and you all arrive at the airport at the same time...

Hedgehog Officer – Looking for a job? Have you ever considered being a "Hedgehog Officer?" Yeah, I didn't know that was a thing either. But it is! And the job description is mostly about NOT doing things to upset the hedgehogs: don't destroy hedgerows, don't fix escape holes in fences, and don't pick leaves up off of the ground. Almost sounds as good as that job listing for a bacon critic that Kara found a while back. 

Our Dogs Love Us – Ah, the age old dogs vs. cats argument. Cat lovers often argue that while dogs may seem more friendly and loving, they are really just using you to get treats and table scraps. Well, it turns out that dogs care at least as much about getting praised by their owners as they do about getting a treat! So maybe they really do love us unconditionally... unlike Kara's cat, who requires a gift of an ice cube before he'll allow you to pet him.