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Drive-Home Blog

Hey! Welcome to another What We Learned Friday! This week we learned that naming your car is VERY serious business. I'm glad I had help or the pressure might have been too much to handle! 

If you missed the ongoing saga this week... you can catch the conversation here (along with all the awesome name suggestions!) Seriously... this was a difficult decision. Thanks so much to everyone who made a suggestion! 

Heidi and I are officially ready for some adventures now!

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In other news, this week Ansen decided one of his goals in life is to become a generic grill dad! (Which actually takes a surprising amount of training.) It's worth noting that this life goal was inspired by an add on Craigslist. Listen to hear the full story. 

Speaking of life goals. I found another dream job online. I'm pretty sure THIS will be my job in heaven. 

Thanks for letting us hang out with you this week! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!