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Drive-Home Blog

A couple of things from the show to share with you... 

Something Encouraging: Some words that were especially encouraging to me today from our dear friend Holley Gerth. Ever had a hard time waiting for something? Feeling like maybe God forgot you? Then these words are for you today as well, "You have not been overlooked, forgotten, or set aside for something more important. No, my friend, every detail of your circumstance is in his care..." Read the full blog post here

Something Fun: If you've got little people at your house, you've probably seen the latest Disney movie Frozen at least once... possibly multiple times. (I confess, I've seen it more than once... and there were no little people sitting in the movie theater with me.) Obviously there are other grown-ups who share my enthusiasm for singing along with the soundtrack, as you can see from this video that's been making it's way around Facebook today. These parents lip-syncing in the car made me smile today. Thought maybe they would do the same for you. 

Thanks for checking in! Hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday!