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Misheard Lyrics

It's Friday! To be honest, on most Fridays Kara and I are more in the mood to watch silly YouTube videos and joke around than discuss anything serious.  But hey, we're sure many of you feel the same way by the end of a long work-week!

So today, we happened upon a funny idea from Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show: "Misheard Lyrics."  It's apparently blowing up on Twitter... basically just people sharing songs where the lyrics they thought they heard were much different from the actual song.  For example, one person said they thought the song at the beginning of "The Lion King" went, "PENNNNSLYVVANNNIIAAAA!"  (Hint: that's not what it says.)

Well, on occasion we've had to look up some lyrics to KLRC songs for ourselves and for listeners.  And we've also heard some funny stories about kids mishearing the lyrics to certain songs.  So we asked KLRC listeners to share!

Here were some of our favorites from listeners and from around the internet:

  • Someone thought "Praise Him all creatures here below," from the Doxology was "Praise Him all preachers here we go!"
  • One listener told us she thought "I lift my life, lift my life up," from the song by Unspoken was, "I live my life in Poloppa!"
  • A listeners said her son thought "I wanna live with abandon," by the Newsboys was, "I wanna live with a band-aid."
  • One mom couldn't figure out who Kevin was, until she realized her son thought "Knockin' on heaven's door," was "Knockin' on Kevin's door..."
  • Somebody thought "He sought me and bought me with his redeeming blood," from the classic hymn was, "He socked me and bopped with his redeeming club." (Ouch.)

If you've misheard a lyric (or heard your kids get it wrong), share it with us in the comments below!