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It's Spring Break When...

Happy Spring Break!

You know, unless you're like most of us, who don't really get a break on Spring Break. Most people who work keep working, and some people (looking at you, moms!) do even more work during Spring Break. After all, those kids who aren't at school still have to go somewhere (home) and be supervised by someone (you).  

Today on the show, we asked people to finish the following sentence: "You know it's Spring Break when _________."  

It was interesting how the responses we got varied based on each person's life stage. Keri (from the Morning Show) asked Kara to give her back all the DVD's she had let her borrow because she was running out of ways to entertain her bored children. Laura said on Facebook that it's when everyone starts getting engaged (that whole "ring by spring" thing I guess)! We know it's spring break in downtown Siloam Springs when wild packs of teenagers begin roaming the streets.

One caller had a positive one though -- you know it's Spring Break when traffic is so light around 4:00pm in the afternoon! So, enjoy the lack of school traffic on your commute this week!

In other news, the Disney movie Frozen came out this week. Anyone and everyone is doing covers of the songs on YouTube, but Kara and I think we may have found our favorite. It's a little girl who creatively uses the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" to get her through the discomfort of having a splinter removed. Check it out!