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Celebrating Spring

Don't you love spring weather? The growing grass and flowers, the rain showers, and don't forget the lack of ice, sleet, and snow days!

One thing about spring that I don't love quite as much (though some do!) but that's definitely necessary is spring cleaning. It's a great chance to go through some things that might not get much attention throughout the rest of the year.

Here are a few tips Kara and I picked up after a bit of research:

  • Change out filters! Lots of times we forget about filters in furnaces, HVAC systems, or even vacuums that are supposed to be changed out periodically.
  • Go through the car. Ever give someone a lift somewhere and feel a bit embarrassed about letting them see the inside of your car? You'd be surprised at what a big difference removing the trash and doing a quick vacuum can make.
  • Clean out the freezer. Sometimes things get lost in the bottom of the freezer. For a very long time. If you don't even remember how long it's been in there and you haven't eaten it yet, it's probably ok to just let it go.
  • Pay it Forward! Some things just need to be thrown out, but donate things like books or magazines. Clothes too! If you didn't wear it this past year, you probably won't wear it next year.

Spring is also a great time to try some new things, like recipes! Kara picked up a couple new ones this past weekend she wanted to pass along.