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Drive-Home Blog

So we covered a lot of ground this afternoon on the Drive Home!

Starting off with a strange conglomeration of two of my favorite things - cats and coffee. Some folks in New York City found a creative way to connect cat lovers to homeless cats waiting to be adopted. Now through Sunday, residents can stop and get a free "cat'achino," and make friends with the 16 cats who will be hanging out at the cafe as well. I'll admit, it's not a combination I would have thought of. It sounds like fun... unless you're allergic to cats and were just looking for a cup of coffee. That would be a bit unfortunate. 

Next we explore the reality that sometimes parents do amazing things when a child is in trouble. A dad runs faster than a speeding bullet to save a girl about to get run over by a toy car! This is pretty epic.

On a more serious note, we discussed the reality that sometimes we get angry with God. How do you deal with that? I think a lot of my life I tried to pretend I wasn't. I didn't realize that in reality I was running away from God instead of being honest with Him about what was really going on. I read this article by Eddie Kaufholz this afternoon and found his perspective helpful as he shared about his own struggle. He says, "We don’t need to figure out how we’re 'supposed' to feel, we just need to do all we can to say, even through the gritting of teeth: 'Here I am. Here’s why I hurt. Help.'”