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ON THE AIR The Drive-Home with Ansen & Kara


If you feel overwhelmed by your wilderness season or are on the verge of entering into your calling with God but are overcome with fear. this episode is for you. Joshua is on the cusp of his promised land, 42 years after the exodus out of Egypt. He's learned a lot about the lies and the truth of God's promises. We will imagine hearing from Joshua's Instagram feed, looking back over the lies of complaining and the impact it has on us and those we serve. Joshua reminds us... "When God offers you the blessing you've prayed for, hoped for, and followed Him for, please take it! Trust Him more than your fear. Remember your wilderness was for this moment. Even if your promised land doesn't look like you thought and the enemy is present, please say 'Yes!' to what God is trying to give you.   I mention episode 8 from Season 1 for a more in-depth discussion on complaining and how to help you break this habit:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jesus-led-adventure-with-stephanie-bryant-klrc/id1447565297?i=1000451264188[https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jesus-led-adventure-with-stephanie-bryant-klrc/id1447565297?i=1000451264188]

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