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Nicola and I had the honor of talking with Dr. Jordan and Laura Harris. We were inspired by their level intentionality to share and listen to each other, which allowed them to navigate seasons of change and deepen their level of connection with each other. Over their six years of marriage, they have moved 3 times, completed a Ph.D. and taken care of their one-year-old son. Both of them hold dual therapeutic licenses as both a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage Therapist. Dr. Harris is a therapist at The Joshua Center (jordan@thejoshuacenter.com), and he hosts The Informed Simplicity Podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-informed-simplicity-project/id1427537186). Laura is at home with their son and hopes to live out her passion for helping marriages by hosting Created for Connection marriage groups this Spring.

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