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Teacher of the Week

Our Teachers are working harder than ever to continue to help our students learn from home! KLRC's Teacher of the Week is a great way for you to honor a teacher who has made a difference in your life or in the lives of your children.

Every Monday morning just after 7:45am we will announce the winning teacher on the KLRC Morning Show. They will receive a $40 Visa gift card from John Brown University!

Current Winner: Ms. Still at Elm Tree Elementary

Kindergarten student, Blake, nominated his teacher saying: Blake fell and broke his arm at recess the 1st week of school. Mrs Still sent me (Blake's mom) a heartfelt video message that evening to show him. Her kindness and love for him and her students, already in the 1st week of school was obvious in that video.

Teacher of the Week is sponsored by John Brown University's Graduate Education, where teachers can earn a master's degree in Educational Leadership, School Counseling, Special Education, or Teaching.