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KLRC Graduation Celebration

It seems like only yesterday they were learning how to write their name, how to read, and how fast the trains in those crazy word problems were going (some of us are still trying to figure that out.) Then you blinked, and they were filling out college applications, reading Shakespeare, and learning equations that could help them build one of those trains.

They've worked hard, and you've worked hard to support them. Now it's time to celebrate! We know that graduation is going to look a lot different for the Class of 2020, but we want to help.

Tell us about your high-school or college graduate, and we'll honor them in our special on-air "Graduation Celebration" happening each Friday afternoon at 5:10 on The KLRC Drive-Home! We'll also give away a special graduation celebration prize package each week featuring goodies from Chick-fil-A of NWA, KYYA Chocolate, and Leah Lou's Cookies.

Miss our announcements this week? Listen here!

To celebrate your graduate on KLRC, just fill out the form below!

Please Note: Due to the large number of expected submissions, students must be graduating from a high school or college located within the KLRC listening area to be eligible. Submissions made after 12pm on Fridays will not be read until the following week. Please do not submit a minor's graduation info unless you are or have direct permission from the minor's legal guardian. By submitting your student's information, you agree to allow KLRC to use your student's name and/or photo on any KLRC platforms, including on the radio, KLRC.com, and KLRC social media accounts. KLRC reserves the right to not share any graduate's name or photo on KLRC platforms for any reason. 

When pressing submit, the form will take a few moments to upload your photo. Please be patient, as clicking "submit" multiple times will result in multiple submissions. If you receive an error, try uploading a photo with a smaller file size.