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Christmas Wish #1

Jennifer and the team at Folsom Elementary School nominated Juan & Maria for our 1st Christmas Wish. Here’s what she told us: 

Juan and Maria are custodians at the school I teach at. They have both worked here for several years and are willing to help and do whatever is asked of them.

About a year ago, the family lost almost everything a house fire. They had to stay in a hotel for a little while to get back on their feet, all the while, never failing to come to work with a great attitude.

Earlier this school year, we were informed that Mr. Juan was diagnosed with cancer, and would be in and out due to his treatments. Whenever he would miss due to his treatments, his wife Maria, would often times do her shift as well as her, leading her to be here from early morning to late at night. Their work never reflected their current stress in life, as our school was always kept clean and orderly.

Lately, Mr. Juan has had to have several surgeries to try and remove some of the cancerous spots, which resulted in both of them missing work, which in turn, caused a short in their pay. I know they are struggling financially due to time missed at work as well as the doctor bills that are piling up. As a school, we have tried to help buffer this in doing hat days in which students would bring a dollar to wear a hat. As helpful as this is, it is only a small drop in the bucket in the magnitude of their needs.

As previously stated, whenever they are able to work, they always have a smile on their faces, and a wonderful attitude that is shown to all that are around them. There is a language barrier, as they are mostly Spanish speaking, however, they show their love in kindness to our students and faculty in how they care for our school, smile and say "Good morning", and their willingness to come to our aid when we need them....even when it's messy...

We at Folsom Elementary would love to honor them by pouring out our love and gratitude to this family who has given so much to us. We would love to partner with our community in doing so, to be able to meet their needs.

Needs for Juan and Maria's family: 

  • A lot of financial needs-rent, basic needs, doctor bills
  • Christmas is around the corner, and with a high school child, I know they worry about giving her the Christmas they want to.
  • Furniture needs as they lost most everything in the fire last year.
  • Gas and grocery cards
  • Help paying utilities 
  • Maria loves coffee! 
  • Juan and Maria would love to have help learning to speak English better
  • Love and support in knowing they aren't alone in this battle, even with the language barrier, we can show our love to them!

I'd like to be a part of Jennifer's Christmas Wish for Juan & Maria!