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Youth Pastor Needs Provision

I have taken on a new journey in my ministry and I am requesting prayer for God to continue to make it happen. I will be mentored for the next year under Jeanne Mayo, the Youth Leaders Coach, CADRE. Mom, as she is called by everyone that knows her has over 40 years in youth ministry. I am requesting prayer for this journey to meet the $1500 or $125 per month financial obligation.

So far I have received $25. I have faith and believe God will provide the remaining $1474 plus my travel expenses. Please help me pray and believe. If anyone who reads, this wants to be part of a blessing, please email at sd7starh@gmail.com.

For more information about CADRE and Jeanne Mayo, the Youth Leadership Coach, the website is www.youthleadership.com

Thank you
Sheila Horn:  Youth Pastor, Liberty Assembly of God, Liberty, Oklahoma