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Teen Needing Physical Healing/Answers

Please pray for my friend's 16 year old daughter, Maddy, from Iowa.

Here is her story from her father:

My 16 year old landed in the ER twice at the end of the week. She has been having "episodes" related to either anxiety, panic….or something….since early March (I think we've had 8 ER visits during that time, one where they thought she might be having a stroke). When things hit her, she cries and bunches up like she’s in pain….sometimes for a couple hours. Once things subside, she loses her ability to speak, sometimes for up to a day and one-half. The frequency, severity, and duration have picked up recently and Friday night she had one they could not get stopped. They pumped her full of Adivan, enough to tranquilize a horse, and it wasn’t touching it so they hit her with something else stronger. She was dopey until Sunday evening.

I was home alone with her Monday and had to go get her from school twice. Yesterday, she had a mild attack in the afternoon. They've poked, prodded and tested her 100 different ways and there’s no physiological source to this that they can find locally. We've had her in counseling to see if something really bad happened to her that we weren’t aware of, and the counselor called us after three sessions to indicate she could continue to see Maddy, but she was one of the most well-adjusted kids she’s ever met. We're looking at a psychiatric approach to see if there’s something hiding inside her mind that’s triggering these things. There’s just no common cause -- not like someone called her a jerk, not like it’s happening when she’s stressed about a test -- it’s totally random.

We did receive some good news early this week, as feeling like we were getting nowhere locally, we reached out to Mayo Clinic directly and they have asked us for background information so they can set up an appointment. All I can tell you until that day comes is, we're sitting on pins and needles and I've moved from being concerned to being a little scared. I know that you understand the power of prayer, so if you have room on a prayer list somewhere, please add Maddy to it for a while. We'll take any additional prayers we can get.