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Taking a Stand Against Abuse

After much suffering, I am finally taking a stand against my abusive ex to ask for protection for myself and children.  I am afraid of the battle that I know will ensue and afraid of the "can of worms" that I may be opening, but I am praying for God's protection and favor. I will finally be moving my divorce/custody case from Texas to Oklahoma where we reside. The fight will be in my back yard now... I'm afraid for the ex to cause problems here too. He threatens me constantly and tells the kids that he will come take them so I never see them again. Remember, I am the custodial parent for a reason... he harrasses, threatens, and stalks us. My restraining order does no good. He mistreats the children and has literally endangered their lives on many occasions. He refuses to take care of them like an adult and has had doctors call CPS on him.

I am going to be asking for a lot... mainly supervised visitation and for the judge to order him to give my children their medications and keep their doctors appointments. I'm desperate and hoping that I have enough to plead my cause. For the children's sake and for their safety. For all of ours. Its been since June 2012 since he last put me in the hospital... the more time that passes, the less likely I am to sway a judge. Please pray for my children... for their protection... for our victory over violence and abuse and neglect. Aside from filing for divorce and leaving an abusive husband, this is going to be the hardest thing that I have ever done.