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Stuck Between A Rock and A Hard Place

Thank you, community, for the prayers that you have offered up on my son's and my behalf. I know God has been hearing them. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. The light at the end of this very long tunnel is getting closer, but so much is creating obstacles to me getting to the end. My gracious mechanic is trying to fix the defroster in my vehicle, but the part that is needed is discontinued. I'm still not even sure how I'm going to pay for it all. My next paycheck is not going to be enough to cover my bills, much less other necessities, like gas, medicine, night pull-ups, etc. Thank You, Jesus, we have food stamps, so I don't have to worry about how we will eat. I really do not know how we will make it until January. To top it off, I'm still needing too many hours in my internship to be able to graduate in May, so I'm facing needing to postpone it until August. I'm ready to be in a place where I can just work a full-time job and know that I'll have the means I need to take care of my boy. I know God wants me to trust Him, and I am trying. He has been so faithful to us. I'm exhausted, in every way a person can be. I need to know that all the hard work and sacrifice, not just on my part, but even my family's (especially my son), is not in vain. Please pray that God will make a way.