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Sick Family Member

We just wanted to give a prayer request for our sister, Heather King. She has had a history of hypertension and has overcome anorexia. She is active in our Church (Faith Assembly of God in Springdale) and volunteers regularly in our church's nursery as well as taking on various administrative duties. She's also the matriarch of her household where she lives with her newlywed husband and her three teenage daughters.  Two weeks ago, her body fell over in church. She had gone into a state of shock forced on by exhaustion. She was rushed to the hospital with her family, pastor, and a good portion of the congregation following the emergency vehicle. After a great deal of tests and a limited showing of abnormalities (she's anemic and her blood is too thick), the doctor's are unsure what triggered these symptoms. We've prayed and she has had two relapses since. Both of which, the doctor's cannot determine the cause. So we pray to our Lord God that he gives the doctors (and us all) the wisdom and insight of His divine purpose and that He performs a miracle that gives our sister some bodily strength to endure.