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Sick Children

I am in desperate need of prayers for my children. My 8 yr old daughter just had surgery number 4 and is 15 days post op. She has been running a low fever and has a really bad non-productive cough. We have all but lived in the doctor's office with no answers, except for, "here have another antibiotic and steroid," which isn't working.  My 6 yr old son has been sick for 5 weeks!  He has a very nasty PRODUCTIVE caugh and has been running a low temp. He was on amoxicillin for 2 weeks, then azithromyacin for one and a steriod. NOTHING.... HE IS STILL SICK.   EVEN WORSE is Friday is his pre-opt appointment. and I just know he is going to be turned away for his EGD next week. We can't afford any more delays than we have already had. My son has been sick for nearly 7 months straight now. I'm desperate! Please pray for us and for their healing. I just don't know what more to do. PLEASE!