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Seeking Employment

Hello, my name is Jaynee. I finished my schooling for nursing in 2010, however because of major family issues I was not successful at my first attempt at the State boards.

After failing the first time I lost faith in myself, however with my family's constant encouragement I took the exam again March 3rd. I left the exam crying knowing I failed, but somehow because of God's mercy I passed. I am officially an RN. Thank you Jesus! After four years I can live my dream of being a nurse.

Now I am seeking employment; yet every job I have contacted so far have not wanted to hire me because it has been four years since I was in school (lack of clinical experience). Please I need prayer that a place will give me a chance to work. I am very hard-working and will put everything I have into being a nurse, helping people, showing compassion and love. Thank you and God Bless!