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Renewed Hope and a Big Miracle

Since the last prayer request I submitted, God has been faithful and heard mine and others' prayers for my situation.  I feel so blessed to have joined this prayer community...allowing others to pray for me and the blessing to pray for others. God has been providing for our needs. He has brought friends and family in our lives, who have been a big blessing to us. I am still needing another job, and I still have two bills that are past due. I know God is at work, though, and He is also at work in my heart, taking me out of despair and depression, and giving me a chance to experience His love.

I ask for continued prayers, as I wait for God to intervene in a huge way. I also ask for prayers for my son. He feels lonely and left out, and I also get the impression he feels like nobody wants him around. I give him as much attention as I can, but I'm a single mom and a student. I pray that God will send a friend in his life that he can play with, even if just once a week. I also pray for another mentor or adult friend to come into his life, who will love him like Jesus, and give him hope that Mommy is not the only person in the world who wants him around and understands his deepest needs for love, acceptance, and security.