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Prayers Needed for Eric

I am thankful my husband, Eric, is alive! I recently wrote to you about my own health struggles and my recent hospitalization and rehab struggles. Now we are being tested once again.  On Sunday, my beloved husband of 29 years and recently my sole care provider was in an auto accident swerving to miss a deer and was injured. He is suffering from a head injury, a fractured C2 (broken neck) and broken ribs. He was flown to Springfield, MO for treatment.   Not only is he injured and away from our family, but we now no longer have a means of transportation.  I am thankful for the help who has stepped up this week to care for me as I am still very dependent on folks.  Next week I still have no idea who will be here to help me yet.  I need prayer not only for my husband but to line up care providers, and to find the title to our van so the impound will release my husband's belongings to us. I know the next few months will be challenging,  but also a blessing because my husband will be with me.  Thanks for taking the time to pray.