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It feels like my entire life is a total mess. I want to think I can manage it and then something else adds to the craziness and I realize I am not strong enough by myself. I really need prayer to help me through. My marriage has been a mess for two years, we've been trying to figure it out, but I am worried that we are on the edge of a potential split. The stresses of current times aren't helping and I am also having health issues which adds to the stress. My job is stressful and at times I worry if it is stable or not. Worst of all, I lost my mother in August of last year without any warning and she was my closest friend and confidant that would help me through anything. I feel so alone now when trying to figure out a way to survive life's stressful phases. I've had a challenging time leaning on the Lord since my mother's death. I could really use some prayers for peace and love. Thank you.