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I asked for prayer several months ago for my family's situation. Things have become extremely overwhelming. I lost a very close family member recently, came home from funeral with not one but two vehicles down. My marriage has gotten much worse. No matter how hard I try to reach him and try to even talk to him or what I do to try to better the situation, nothing helps. The day I got back from the funeral, the truck I have used for over 7 years to provide for my family financially was taken away from me by him. For no reason what so ever. And I am the one who is the only one working and trying my hardest to meet my family's financial needs.  Then to make things worse one of my children sustained a very serious sport related injury and has to have major surgery. I have prayed and had more conversations with Jesus daily then ever before.

I can not afford to buy a new truck right now considering all the unexpected expenses I have had to deal with lately and the lack of not being able to use the truck has cost me work and kept me from making the money needed to pay my current bills and groceries. I don't even have any winter clothes for myself, not even a coat. And my kids are doing without the things they need as well. I know Jesus says, "Ask and you shall receive." And he also says, " Do not be afraid." But honestly I am very afraid. I am asking for prayers and if anyone has a truck that runs and is reliable that they would like to donate or anything else to help me and my children please help! I am in a very desperate situation and struggling with what to do about my marriage. I am just completely devastated by his behavior and what he is doing to our family. He is not working due to health conditions that are serious. But I just don't understand why he is keeping me from using the truck? I am in desperate need of help.