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Our Nana's Kidney

 We are grandchildren to my nana who is in need of a Kidney. She has been on the kidney transplant list for two years and we have been praying hard that God will provide one for her. She works very hard all the time to take care and support her family. My Nana is a Christian and truly believes in GOD and we all have faith that he has this. We wanted to do this for her because she does so much for us and we love her very much.

We are not old enough to donate; we would if we could, but rules say no. My Nana teaches us about Jesus and how we must have faith through prayers that he will help us even if it takes a long time. She is going to have her transplant at Barnes Jewish Hospital.  Pa Pa told us this and her insurance covers the donor.

We really want to help and thought we would send this out by social media, because we listen to KLRC and know how this station has helped others.
If God leads you to do so please feel free to call the following phone number 314-362-5365 for my Nana (Eileen Wilkerson) . We love you all and may God bless each one of you. We give God the glory everday for his healing and love for all. Thank you and God bless... Lauren, Caden, Sydney, Landen and Kaylen