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Needs Renewed Hope and Faith

I definitely feel like I've been in the desert, and after the last few days, I also feel alone, abandoned, and trapped. I know that the Lord is there, even though it feels as if He has forsaken my son and me. The needs keep adding up, but the solution is nowhere. I've lost faith in others. Nobody really cares, and the ones that do always have motives that either condemn you or want to control, even if they have good intentions.

I do not want to lose faith in God, though. I'm trying not to lose faith in myself. I have always been able to take care of myself, and I have always been the one to take care of my family. Now, Satan is working over time to defeat me, but by the power of Jesus, he will not win! Jesus brought me here. Jesus will not let me be defeated. I'm not sure what God's plan for us is, and even though just about everything and everyone is against us, I will believe God's truths and not Satan's lies. I will not quit.