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Need Prayer for my Husband

I am asking for prayer for my husband. He was injured in Iraq in 2006 while he was in the Marine Corps. He blew a disk in his back between his L4 and L5 vertebrae. Since then he has retired from the Marine Corps and is having severe pain in his back plus on top of that his sciatic nerve on his right side is inflamed. He is going through the VA but the process is lengthy and a lot of red tape.

His doctor said he would need surgery, but the surgery would have to be a year and a half out because of the waiting list. He is in so much pain and cannot get relief. I ask for prayer for this because it is an every day occurrence of pain that it puts him in a state of depression from not being able to do much. He did get cortisone shots, which included three different sets, but each time the shots wore off the pain came back worse.

I feel bad because I cannot do anything, but I know I can pray. So, please pray for him. Thank you and God Bless!