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Need Help & Comfort

I live in San Diego, California and this past week has been horrible. To start, last Friday, my step father-in-law passed away from a heart attack (went to hospital for pneumonia, had heart attack in hospital. Couldn't save him). My wife is extremely saddened by this as am I. I want to be strong for her. Then, on Sunday, a close motorcycle riding friend of mine died in a motorcycle accident. I haven't broken down (cried) yet. Then today, a work supervisor passed away. I don't know why all this death is around me. I haven't truly cried over any of these incidents. I need prayer for strength, healing, comfort, understanding, guidance, and to trust in my faith. I don't know what to do. Funerals and visitations are coming up this weekend and next. Please pray for my family. Thank you, God Bless,  I can be reached at (619) 325-7381. Thanks again.