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My Son

My son and I have had a very trying year. His father and I divorced. My son will be seventeen soon and I recently found out he is making some very bad life choices and he may have an inherited mental illness. He is very angry and depressed. After living through what we have, I never imagined he would make these kinds of choices! Since finding out about his choices, he has had some counseling and his grades are improving a little, however his attitude is not. He made very bad choices again last weekend. I thought I could trust him, however I am finding out I cannot. I have made specific rules for this weekend and the upcoming school break. Last night he did exactly as I told him and even came home early and I praise God for this victory. I am taking this whole break one day at a time. I am terrified when he is out of my sight. I know this is not a healthy attitude for either of us or our relationship. I have laid him and his choices at the feet of Jesus and I thank him for each little victory, like last night going okay and even just a conversation that doesn't end in anger. I am a worrier and I am wracked with guilt over all of this. And I still worry, even though I know God is in control. Please keep us and each day ahead in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless.