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Looking For God's Miracle!

I'm a single mother who's gone through an ugly divorce. The financial aspect from my 28 year marriage is still tied up in the court system. My ex-husband stopped paying his court ordered alimony and child support almost a year ago. Only recently has he begun making small payments toward his child support to prevent the prosecuting attorney's office from taking action against him.  I have a 16 year old daughter who attends a private Christian school.  I have struggled to pay our bills and now it's time for school and tuition payments to begin again. I've cut out as much spending as I possibly can and have, for the first time in my life, seen our cupboards almost empty. As a mom, that's a hard thing to see.

I have a son who's helped pick up some of the slack left by his father but he's entering medical school in a few days and won't be able to help any more. I'm not much of a worrier because I know God will provide, as He always does, but I've been unable to sleep for the past few nights and woke suddenly a few minutes ago feeling a need to post my story on here, which I've never done before.

I have bills due, with more coming due each day, and no money left. I had enough on Saturday to pay those immediately due if I hadn't put my tithe in the offering plate Sunday. It's interesting what the enemy will do to try to pull me away from the Lord. I'm late making payments today because I was obedient to give what wasn't mine to keep. I love giving to the Lord and, even in this time, receive unexplainable joy in doing so.

If things weren't difficult enough, my car insurance is due this month, and with my daughter driving some now, will almost double to add her to the policy. I know my God is a God of miracles and will provide for our needs as only He can. He has a plan in all of this and I don't want to miss anything He's trying to do in, around or through my life. I know all will come in His timing but I feel like an over filled water balloon about to explode. Please pray with me that God's timing will be soon and He'll send relief from this stress. Thank you, prayer warriors, in advance, for lifting us!