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Recently I feel like my life is falling apart. I took custody of 3 toddlers, 6 months ago, after their mother became incarcerated. I have found that there is no help with daycare if you don't take the children while they are in foster care. My goal was to keep them from foster care. The financial toll this has had on my house is unbearable. Shortly after, my house flooded and two days later my daughter attempted suicide. Recently my husband moved out and left me to care for the 5 children.  This devastated me. I felt like giving up but I keep pushing through. Two days ago I was let go from my job because I "have too much going on in my personal life to do my job". I have been with this company almost 5 years and was always the "yes man" who did everything, for everyone. I worked hard. Now I'm left with a negative checking account, already behind on my mortgage and afraid that I am about to lose everything. I believe that God has bigger plans for me and that his promises are real. Please pray for me and my children.