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Life Without My Sweet Aunt Carol

Thank you to all who have prayed for My Sweet Aunt Carol and family through this difficult season.
She was the most amazing God fearing, Holy Spirit filled woman I have ever met. After losing my mother at the age of 3 she stepped in an made sure I was in church and taught about the ways of God. Since she has passed it not only hurts because she is gone but it has also feels like I have lost my mother all over again. I went to see her two weeks before she passed, I have never seen her cry but as I sat beside her talking I could see it through the tears in her eyes that she knew it was the last time I would ever speak with her and she wanted to tell me everything she needed to. She wanted me to promise her no matter the outcome that I would make sure my 7 year old daughter knew that God answered her prayers for her to get better. Even at the end she was still taking care of everyone else, she helped her daughter plan the service. She wanted to make sure the service was not about her but about the people she loved that would be hurting. She chose songs Plan to Meet Me in Heaven by the Spencers and Make Me a Promise By David Patillo. She wanted everyone to know she is going to be waiting for us there. Since she has passed I have found myself picking up the phone to text or call her with news but then realize I cant because she is not there. I always listen to KLRC in my care and worship to and from work and the sadness sneaks up while I am singing along and tears just flow and flow. I know grieving takes time but I am afraid of being sad for too long and becoming depressed. So friends I am asking for prayers that I will not grieve to long and will be strong enough to fight and overcome the depression feelings.
P.S. A God thing that is really neat. My Husband shares my Mother’s birthday and our Daughter shared my Sweet Aunt Carol’s birthday.