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Health Issues & Repairs

Please continue to pray for my husband, Eric. He broke his neck in a car wreck. He is back in the hospital in Springfield, MO to have surgery.  This is very serious surgery as they are dealing with putting a metal plate in his skull and attaching it to pins and rods they put in his vertebra, so they are working around nerves and the spinal column. We really are praying he does well with the surgery and his Doctors have steady hands and much wisdom and knowledge to put him back together. We are praying that he will come through without any issues.  We pray that he will  have the use of his hands and legs, and still be able to speak and eat, etc.   We pray the Lord will bring him through and make him whole again.
Please help me pray that I can overcome the fear and anxiety that comes with all this unknown.
We also need prayer and wisdom with some household repairs that seem to be swarming on us right now. I just need wisdom and the ability to find someone reliable and reasonable to help me get things repaired around here.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.