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Healing In My Relationship

I really need prayers for my relationship with my girlfriend. I'm scared that she's gonna leave me, or lose her love for me. She said a few days ago that she wants to be left alone, and I'm praying that we can talk again soon because I'm really worried about her.   I hope God can change this situation into good. I know that this relationship has gotten me closer to God, I read the Bible everyday and pray constantly to have a conversation with God. I just really need prayers that her love and interest can be brought back into her heart. I always pray for others before my situations, I put God's Kingdom first now because I know he'll care for me if I put my problems to the side.   I had to realize that there are people that are going through much bigger things in their lives. I'll admit I have a hard time believing, because I don't see my prayers getting answered, I ask for forgiveness.   I always have faith and trust in God. I'm thankful I found Jesus, my life hasn't been the same since, I've changed my ways. I really need prayers for my relationship, only God can change her heart.   I will always have faith, and of course I'll be praying for a lot of people who are going through much bigger situations than me. Thank you so much, I'm really gonna need strength and patience, God bless all of you.