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Financial Provision

I am a hard working mother of three children, and recently divorced.  I am in desperate need of financial help. I pray constantly, but I am in constant state of worry, having anxiety and panic attacks and have never been more scared of losing everything I’ve worked so hard for before in my life. I am struggling to keep the utilities on, food in the fridge, and can’t even provide my kids with their clothing needs. The only vehicle I have to drive is acting up.  I have no one to help me. My family is all in heaven.  I have never before felt like such a failure.   I have been told by my doctor that I need to take time off due to medical reasons, but I can’t afford to miss work.  My ex husband refuses to pay what he owes me per our divorce decree or help with the needs of our youngest son who has a serious chronic medical condition.  Please pray for me.