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Family Under Attack

Within the past 2 months my family has been under attach by Satan. In the past month I have seen several members of my family get saved, recommit their lives to the Lord, and it is such a blessing; however, in the midst of all this, every week for the past 2 months it seems like one bad thing after another keeps happening in our family.

My aunt, sisters, nieces and nephews, mother have all been struggling to stay afloat amid this stormy sea of life. We had several family members get injured in accidents, health problems, stress, overwhelmed, among other things and it has really been hard not to give in and give up. I am asking for prayer for my whole family that we will remain strong in the Lord and trust God to see us through all these troublesome times. We know it is just the devil trying to bring us down. We need your help in our fight to stay faithful and to help us keep our eyes on God.