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I just would like to ask for prayer from the community for my wife and brother-in-law.   They have had very hard times.  They lost their sister about 3 years ago, then lost their father recently this year. My brother-in-law has chose to drink and just yesterday left a message on his moms voicemail saying no one loves him. My wife is dealing with it through depression and anxiety.  I just pray that everyone will pray for them and that the Lord will touch them and let them know they are loved. I know I couldn't imagine going with what there going through. I always try to fix people and help people and these two I love so much and would love to get them back to where they were. Mental illness is a very scary thing, however I know that if anyone can heal them it's the man who is watching over us! I know prayer is powerful so I ask all the prayer warriors out here in the community to please keep my wife and brother-n-law in your thoughts and prayers! Thank you all! God bless you all!