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My son was arrested while trying to leave an unpleasant situation.  Their children live in fear and witness these things. I ask God to show my son that this is not a healthy relationship for Him or his children. His wife has caused a wedge in our entire family and continues to put my son down making him have no self esteem. He works hard to support a family who has no concern for his well being. I pray for God to show him an open door where he can have the strength to step out And make a better life for his children. The wife has panic attacks and a family history of mental issues. The cycle needs to be broken and I serve a mighty God who can help. Please pray for my son that all charges will be dropped and that God will give him strength and courage to get on his own. God has a plan and my strength is getting short so I also need help. My God is able and cares about each of us. Pray for God's will