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This listener is in a dark place of need that he/she cannot express except through a poem below.  Please take the time to read it and to pray as this person prays for others on our prayer list.  Thank you.

I know not why I came this way, by sudden spark of thought
Yet in these years I’ve learned one thing, ignore that prick?
I know that I should not.
But foolish then it seemed to me to beg without detail
To ask the prayers of strangers, though all in Christain mail
The foolishness is all in me, to think the cross so bare
That I should doubt that Christian kin and Christ Himself
Would not deign to meet me there.
But I’ve no words for wordless I am often found to be
And in the throes of dark despair how can I ask of thee?
Yet even so, I can ask this, that you simply heed this plea
And pray for one who cannot speak precisely what the need
God will know the need in full, regardless of address
So by the prayers of Christian kin, there may yet be redress
And I shall pray for you, because I see all these requests
And my heart is rent in two, by sorrow at your distress
Yet here you are, faith weak or strong, believing God’s behest
That if we come before the Throne, He’ll work it for the best
So as I ask, I’ll pray as well
That from even my own cruel position, dark as it may seem
God might take these situations, and find something to redeem