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Viewing entries posted in November 2019


Spelling Bee

I have a spelling bee tomorrow, give me prayer for help.


Healing for Calvin

Please pray for a friend of mine, Calvin, and his family. Calvin got tragically hurt during the recent tornado aftermath in Siloam Springs. We thank God that his life was spared, even so he has a very long road of recovery ahead. Please pray for healing. Thank you so much!


Grief and Financial

This time of year is hard on me. I don't deserve much but I know God loves me. I pretty much have lost all my family.   I just feel like I'm missing something. My job is, my life and that gets stressful.


Grief & Finances

I would like to ask for prayers to get me through next week. November 6 is a very hard day for me. I lost my daughter in a car accident she was only 18 years old. It was on her Father's birthday and mine is the next day.



I have asked for prayer for my daughter before. My son in law just called and told me she is in the ICU on a vent. They don't know what is wrong. She needs a miracle. Please pray. I can't lose her.