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Viewing entries posted in March 2017


Job Situation

Asking for prayer over my job situation. My team is in the process of being dissolved and none of us are certain if we still have jobs. I want to honor God with my career by trusting Him with it completely.  I am also concerned with making ends meet if I am laid off.


Healing from Stage IV Cancer

I went to my doctor approximately five weeks ago. I have Stage IV Breast Cancer that has metastisized to the bones. He did a scan and we found that a lymph node is affected, pressing against my left kidney. I am having a difficult time walking.


Baby Will

Please pray for my grandson. He is 18 months old, his name is Will Nelson. He was airlifted to springfield for seizures around 1am. this morning. Also please pray for his parents Willie and Haley. Thank you.


God's Will Regarding Finances and Education

My Heavenly Father God, Lord, and Saviour, in Jesus Christ Blessed Name: You know who wants to attend an institution of higher learning; however, they do not have the money to do so. The wealth of all Heaven and earth is Thine, O Lord, Creator God.


Prayers for my Wife

My wife has stomach cancer and breast cancer.   I have heart trouble and bladder cancer. We are having a lot of hospital bills.  Please pray for our finances and health.  


A Hurting Family

Please pray for my family.  We lost our nephew Monday in a car wreck.  My sons are going to the funeral and they were very close to him.  Our family is hurting bad at this time.  May god give us all peace in our lives.


Addiction Healing

I need prayers for my son. He is struggling with addiction. I pray he ask God for guidance and he is set free from the addiction.  I pray God will guide his heart, mind, and soul to God's desire.