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Date "Not"... Instead of Date "Night"

My mom and step-dad got married 3 years ago, joining myself and my two brothers with his daughter. What started out as a "normal" family turned into a family with FIVE additional kids in the past 10 months.

We are a foster family to these 5 kiddos, and, as a result, my poor momma never gets any time with her hubby anymore. It is a terrible sort of irony, 'cause they are doing God's work, but not enriching their marriage in the process. With so many children and a house that is beginning to fall apart, you can imagine the lack of extra money lying around. As the oldest child living in the house and the only (child) with a steady job, I wanted to save up to send them on one of those "Weekend to Remember" conferences. However, I got the joy of spending every penny on my share of car insurance.

Please pray that, by some miracle, my mother and stepfather get the rejuvinating break they need, and that their romance is rekindled. They both work full time, and once everyone gets home it is pretty much dinner, baths, and bedtime.  And sadly, the same schedule applies for the two of them. So, if anyone would like to lift them up in prayer, I would really appreciate it, and I know they would too.

God Bless.