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Car Accident

Please pray for my friend's son, Jason. He was in a car accident early Saturday morning and has a broken back and brain injuries.  He is in a coma in order to help his brain heal, but decisions are being made about whether or not to do life support because they do not know if once he is put on life support if he will ever come off of it.   Doctors are saying he will not be able to live independently. The doctors do not know the power of God and the power of Prayer that God's people have. I know she has thousands of people praying for her and her family.   Her son is a young man and still has a long life ahead of him. He is not married so the decision to start or not start life support will be left to his parents.   That would be a very difficult decision I believe for anyone. They have brought him out of the coma a couple of times he is able to move his right side but the doctor say he does not respond to commands.  The family believe he is responding because he will squeeze their hand. They have to put him back into the medically induced coma because his blood pressure shoots up extremely high. God can do all things if He wills it. If it is not His will that Jason pull through this, please keep the family in your prayers as they will have a hole in their heart that will last a lifetime but God can fill it.