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Broken Trust

I made the mistake. A long distance relationship and I still had men who I had past relationships with- in my life. I let them go, purged my life of them, and then I made another mistake. I hadn't told my now boyfriend that one of my best friends last year- I had intimacy with, and he found this out Monday. From me. And it is threatening to break us up. He wonders about every man I talk to now. I have cried and prayed. There is so much more to this, but I will say that I am a single mother and I have prayed for this man for years. And God brought this man to me this past November. My mistakes are great. Jesus is the healer. We are trying to work it out. Please pray. I love this man. I have cried so much, and I truly believe God put him in my life. Please pray for us. His name is David. Thank you.