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Adoption and Protection

My husband and I have filed for him to be able to adopt my daughter, who he whole heartedly loves and takes care of like his own flesh and blood. Her biological father has not seen her since she was a baby and has been in and out of jail ever since she was born as a lot of secrets he was hiding came about when I found out I was pregnant with her. He was supposed to have been served his paper work while in jail to be able to respond to the motion for adoption, however the jail did not deliver his paper work to him and sent it back.

Now as of today, he has been released back into the community from prison. He is not a very good person and I honestly do not know what he might be capable of now that he has been released from prison. Please pray that if it be in God’s will we can still have him served his paperwork and that we can move forward with my husband adopting our daughter and that God protects us from anything her biological father may do to harm us. Thank you and God bless!