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A Little Discouraged

I have recently had my hours at my employment changed from five to one thirty to three thirty to noon. I was told this on Friday afternoon that these hours would go into effect on the following Monday (talk about short notice since we also worked that Saturday).  Also my daughter has moved in with her fiancé and they live not even a half mile from his mom and dad's but 45 min away from me. They say they don't visit because my dad and I are boring.

I'm not fond of the boy she is wanting to marry because he just doesn't seem to have much common sense, not very money minded since he is trying to fix a truck that is an older truck and his only means of transportation.  It hasn't been working for at least three months, and they can't seem to get it working. They are driving my daughter's little truck everywhere and the radiator busted yesterday morning on her way to work and they were trying to put on another one last night. Of course they called his parents to help, not me or her grandpa. I didn't find out anything had happened until she finally answered a text I sent and she told me and said she need to go, had stuff to do. How does a child do this to her mother when I am the only parent that has raised her. I'm just really depressed right now and need something that makes me feel like I'm not worthless.