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Baby Hudson's Surgery

Hello, my name is Amanda and I have a dear friend and her precious baby boy, Hudson, who needs lifted up in prayer. Hudson was diagnosed with a brain tumor this week after just turning 1 year old. He is scheduled for surgery this Friday to have the tumor removed.


Show Me Light, Please, God

I ask for prayer for God to take control of everything and provide a clear path to Him in all I do, to remove the negitivity from both me and my wife, to allow us to see only the good in every situation.


Job Opportunity

Since my family and I have fallen in love with the area, I have applied for employment at Walmart. Please pray for us that God will open up the opportunity and blessing that we are seeking.


Taking a Stand Against Abuse #2

 I recently asked for prayer for taking a stand against abuse. I want to update that by saying that after another night of being harassed, stalked, and threatened.


Struggling Single Mom

I am a single mother and have recently separated from my husband. I really wanted our marriage to work but he isn't trying.   I am really struggling financially. I am waiting for my disability hearing and only get child support at the moment.


The Invisible Prison

Please pray for "Moriahe". "Moriahe", formerly in the military, currently suffers from PTSD. A person's home is suppose to be their sanctuary. Sadly, "Moriahe" 's "castle" has become a self imposed "prison". Holy Spirit of God for Jesus Christ Holy Name sake; please help "Moriahe" to make a "jail break".


Taking a Stand Against Abuse

After much suffering, I am finally taking a stand against my abusive ex to ask for protection for myself and children.   I am afraid of the battle that I know will ensue and afraid of the "can of worms" that I may be opening, but I am praying for God's protection and favor.


Christian Veteran's Burial Expenses

I am writing regarding a very special Christian named J. D. Beam. He was an awesome Christian man and veteran who despite his many physical ailments never complained and loved God dearly. He has a son who is a disabled veteran and not much else in family.


Healing and Comfort

Recently my wife had Croup in January and was on the ventilator for 4 days to help her breathe. In February she was having difficulties breathing and come to find out her vocal cords are not working like they are suppose to. Please keep her and myself in your prayers.


Looking for Fulfillment

I am blessed with a great life; my family are wonderful! But there's somthing missing, the fulfillment of a career.