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Pregnancy Prayer

A very close friend of mine is pregnant with her first child. This is a blessing from God as they have been praying for this child for a long time. She got some test results back today and they were not good.


Son Departed for Boot Camp

My oldest son left for boot camp yesterday and this is the first time he has left home in 22 years. I am not as close to GOD as I wish I were and need help with prayers that GOD will lift him in the time he feels he has been defeated.


Sister is very ill

Please pray for my sister she just found out she has stage four colon cancer she does not know God. I love her.  Thank you, KLRC prayer team.  


Brother Needs Prayers

Update:  Unfortunately my brother is in jail, but he is being fed and has shelter.  Please pray that this turn his heart back to the Lord.   My brother is homeless.  He is mentally ill and can not cope well with life. Pray he finds shelter, very modest shelter with running water.


Pray for a new job

I have been looking for a new job for a while now. I am asking for prayers to help me find the right job with enough pay that my family can pay off our debts and be able to buy a house.


Restoration of my Family

Please pray for me and my family. I am looking for restoration of my marriage. We have been divorced since thanksgiving and I believe God still wants us together. We encourage small boys whom we love dearly. I desperately need prayers to sustain me as I wait, and to bring us back together.


Prayer for my Sons

My sons are addicted to drugs and alcohol.


Finances for Church Building

I shepherd a small church community of mostly economically challenged believers in Nairobi, Kenya. We have been trying to buy property and build a sanctuary for we’ve all along been renting. Please pray for God’s provision towards this so we can reach more souls.


Prayer for my Mother

My Mom was a meth addict for 27 years. Almost 3. 5 years ago, I got a call that my Mom was in the hospital recovering from seizures. It scared me, because I hadn't spoke to her in almost a year.


Son Needs Prayer

Please pray for my son.   He's thirty years old and just found out he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol.   The doctor told him if he don't lose weight he could die.   Pray that God will help him to lose this weight he needs to lose.   I know God is a Healer!