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Car Needed-Update

Update: We were informed on March 16, 2015, that this family has been able to purchase a vehicle.   This is truly an act from God and a blessing for this family.   They are grateful for the prayers! I have a young friend and her husband that recently lost their 2 week old baby girl.


A Family in Need

I do community work for people in need, and I met a family of three that have really fallen on hard times.



Just a quick update. My mom has been receiving some phone calls for possible job offers. I ask for continued prayers for my mom to make the best choice. Hopefully something good will come of this! Thank you.


Hard Times

I am going to be 13 in January, and I have two younger sisters.   Our mom is the worship pastor at our church.    Last week she found out she has been having seizures and can not drive for at least a year, maybe her whole life.


Mom Seeking a Job

I just want to thank everyone who prayed for my mother. I ask that you guys would continue to pray for my mom and family. She has been looking for a job for over 6 months and is in a lot of pain and disbelief.


Family in Need/ Home Lost to Fire

A Butterfield Trail Elementary School teacher lost her home last night. A fire completely destroyed their house and everything in it. Thankfully, the family is all ok, but it's such a devastating loss at this time of year.   I'm sure the family would appreciate your prayers.


A Little Discouraged

I have recently had my hours at my employment changed from five to one thirty to three thirty to noon. I was told this on Friday afternoon that these hours would go into effect on the following Monday (talk about short notice since we also worked that Saturday).


In the Valley

I need prayer for strength. We've been going through a lot lately. It started when my pay at work was messed up not once but twice in September, and we have been in a hole ever since. This past Monday morning I totaled my truck on the way to work.


Angel Tree Update

First of all, THANK YOU ALL who have been praying for our Jennifer Campbell Angel Tree at Harp Elementary. Prayers are being answered. Just wanted to ask that you keep praying. We started off with 155 Angels in need and 36 of those in need of food also.


Prayers for our Marriage

My husband walked out in May. I was blindsided. He refuses to talk to me about the true reason he wants out of our marriage. I received divorce papers in June. I'm fighting to save my marriage. We were schedule to go to court in November. He asked for mediation.